Japan Nuclear Matchmaking Program

knowledge, networking

& partnership

knowledge, networking & partnership

Japan – Turkey Nuclear Industry Forum, Matchmaking Platform and Technical Visits, 21-28 October 2018




The fourth committee event of the Chamber’s URGE Project called “Local Contribution to the Nuc IndusTRy Nuclear Industry” registered under the code 14.UR-GE.041 was held in October 21 – 29, 2017.

Firstly, the Committee attended the “Japan-Turkey Forum on Nuclear Industry” in Tokyo. This event was hosted by the Japan Atomic Industrial Forum (JAIF) and facilitated bilateral business meetings between a number of nuclear power plant companies and suppliers. Members of the project delivered presentations about their capacities and enjoyed this opportunity to introduce themselves to Japanese producers.

Starting with opening statements of the Minister Counselor of Turkish Embassy in Japan, Deha Erpek, and the President of JAIF, Akio Takahashi, the event continued with the presentations about Turkey’s readiness for nuclear activities, delivered by experts from the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources, Ankara Chamber of Commerce, Turkish Standards Institute (TSE) and the Electricity Generation Company (EÜAŞ). Following the business forum, the committee visited Mihama Nuclear Power Plant of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, which is a partner of the Nuclear Power Plant Project to be implemented in Sinop Province.

In addition to representatives from nine different partner companies of the project, Okan Saykun (Press Counselor) and Ceyda Mine Polat (Project Coordinator) were present in the committee event to promote our project and accompany the other partners.

Partner companies attended 44 bilateral business meeting. 23 of these meetings were reported as “potentially positive”. In addition, representatives of the Chamber paid official visits to foreign companies in order to promote international cooperation and increase the export potential.

The first field visit was paid to the production plant of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) in Kobe. During this visit, the planned ATMEA-type Nuclear Power Plant project, which will be implemented in Sinop Province, was introduced to the participants. The Committee also visited workshops about production and quality management systems.

The next visit was paid to the Mihama Nuclear Power Plant, which is located in Mihama Region of Osaka. The officers introduced operational procedures, safety systems and public awareness activities of Mihama Nuclear Power Plant. After presentations, the Committee visited the turbine island. Expansion area of nuclear power plants and construction details of security walls were explained by the officers. The Committee moved to Wakayama on the last day of the event in order to hold a final sitting, and the Japanese officers responded to the questions delivered by our representatives.

After all activities, the partner companies expressed positive reviews about the committee event and appreciated the field visits, particularly those paid to nuclear power plants.

It was seen in the questionnaires that all participant companies show high levels of satisfaction and would lean towards organization of similar projects in the future.