Russia Nuclear Matchmaking Program

knowledge, networking

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knowledge, networking & partnership


The third event of the “Nuc IndusTRy – Nükleer Endüstride Yerli Katkı Projesi” (Domestic Contribution in Nuclear Industry Project), which is a part of the URGE Project and furthered under the coordinatorship of Ankara Chamber of Industry and Trade, was held in Russian Federation on June 18-23, 2017, with support of the International Nuclear Power Plants Summit (INPPS).

A hall was reserved for the event to facilitate bilateral meetings during the Atomexpo Forum held on June 19-20, 2017 in Moscow, Russian Federation. Afterwards, on June 21-22, 2017, two plants in Moscow and St. Petersburg cities were visited.

Representatives of 8 member companies participated in the event. 76 bilateral business meetings were held during the event. 22 of these meetings seemed to possibly yield positive results and were reported to our Chamber. In addition to this, representatives of our Chamber of Industry and Trade also held official talks with some foreign enterprises in order to promote the Project’s international collaboration and potential export opportunities. Within this scope, we held meetings with Rosenergatom and Atomstroyexport companies, which are within the structure of ROSATOM Group, as well as representatives of French, Chinese and Korean companies.

The first plant visit was paid to the biggest nuclear equipment manufacturer within the ROSATOM Group, i.e. PJSC ZiO, to see the Podolsk plant. During the visit, production lines of nuclear equipment in the nuclear island, other equipment that is outside the nuclear island but considered essential for the operation of the nuclear power plant and equipment of nuclear-powered icebreakers were analyzed. The next visit was conducted in Leningrad Nuclear Power Plant. This visit was particularly organized for the turbine island and the fuel corridor of this Russian-made High-Power Channel-Type power plant. Thanks to this visit, member companies of the Project had a chance to see for the first time the fuel corridor, which is regarded as the heart of a nuclear power plant. The third stop of plant visits was Power Machines’ facilities in St. Petersburg. Turbine production lines as well as thermal and nuclear power plant equipment of the company were analyzed and a detailed presentation about the manufacturing standards was made. International experts had an opportunity to get acquainted with our member companies and their areas of production.